Volunteer Opportunities


A transporter for VAAR is one of the most changing volunteer positions available. Transporter volunteers assist with driving our animals around. This could be a fresh shelter animal needing a ride to their foster home, or it could be a foster pet who needs dropped off or picked up at the vet or an event. These are not the only possibilities but are certainly the majority. If you love to drive and want to help us out, this is the volunteer position for you! Please note that this is a position where need may be determined with short notice. As a transporter volunteer, you will receive emails and/or text messages about pets who need a ride as soon as possible. You are under no obligation to assist but this is a position that receives more communications from us than others, please keep that in mind when applying to be a transporter.

Administrative Assistant

Do you enjoy completing administrative tasks? There is always data entry, filing, typing, and returning calls that needs to be done. We have many things to do to keep the rescue running and the animals cared for and these type of tasks are definitely not our forte! If this type of work is something you enjoy and want to help us with, please fill out the volunteer application so you can get started! This position generally has no direct interaction with the animals. *The specific duties of this position will change depending on the time of year and what is going on with VAAR at the time.

Foster Parent

Fostering is a volunteer position where you bring one of our animals into your home, for a time, for any number of reasons. For more information on becoming a Foster Parent with us, please see our Foster Page.